Play Guidelines

The Capilano Tennis Club strives to ensure that playing tennis at our facility is fun and enjoyable for everyone and for all levels and to achieve this, we have defined, created and develop the following, ‘Play Guidelines’ for all members and guests.

These guidelines complement but do not replace the Tennis Canada Code of Conduct or the official ITF Rules of Tennis.


  1. Respect other players. Even in competitive situations, we’re all playing for enjoyment and exercise.
  • Hand signals for in and out balls are a good idea, because verbal calls may be difficult to hear.
  • Avoid walking behind a court when a point is still in play.If you have to cross a court, wait for a break in play and quickly cross over either at the net or at the back.
  • Use the closest gate to enter or exit the court. If you are playing on court 3 or 4, use the west gate. If you are playing on court 1 or 2, use the east gate. The double gate beside court 1 is intended only for maintenance access and for moving the ball machine on and off the court.
  • If your ball goes on to an adjoining court while game is on wait for a break in the adjoining court game and then ask to have your ball returned.
  1. Maintain safety and cleanliness of our facility.
  • Ensure that bags, racquet covers, ball cans, etc., are placed out of everyone’s waywhen you are on court.
  • Place all garbage in the receptacles provided at court house. If you observe garbage or any other hazards on the courts, please pick it up and place it in a receptacle.
  • Wear non-marking shoes at all times when on the courts. Appropriate athletic wear is encouraged.
  1. Honor the club rules regarding the length of time you can hold a court when others are waiting – 30 minutes for singles, 60 minutes for doubles.

If you observe another player (or players) not observing these guidelines, you can do any or all of the following:

  • Politely point out the breach of the guidelines you feel has been observed, and ask the offending player(s) to please not repeat.
  • If the pro is on site, tell him/her about the situation and ask him/her to speak to the offender(s).

The club executive has implemented a Member Feedback process to deal with member concerns of all kinds. Complete a hard copy form Member Feedback Form describing your concerns and drop in in the box provided in the club house or if you prefer email your feedback to us via our Contact Form, pick “communications” from the dropdown box.