Competitive Programs

Adult players have a number of options if they wish to play more competitive tennis. These include:

  • Interclub
  • Box League
  • Club Tournament

Interclub tennis is team play, with weekly matches. Leagues in Edmonton this year will be administered by Tennis Alberta and will likely start before the end of May. Team members will have opportunities to practice as a team and experience friendly competition with clubs across the Edmonton area. Watch this space and for emails from the club for more information about signing up for interclub, practices, etc.

Box League is changing for 2019! Players will be assigned a box with similarly skilled players and encouraged to play everyone in their box within a pre-determined period, usually about two weeks. Play won’t be full matches though; instead you will play each opponent 4 “games” of 7-11. Basically, if you’re serving, you have to get 11 points before your opponent wins 7 points each of four games. Total points over the four games wins the match and each player (or team for doubles) will serve and return twice! Boxes will be shuffled up and you’ll get a new group of opponents to face as you work your way to the top of the boxes! Two courts will be reserved Thursday evenings from 7-10 pm strictly for box league play, but you’re welcome to arrange your matches outside of these hours. We’ll start with singles rounds but hope to add doubles and mixed doubles as the season matures, so find your partners now! Register from within the Member Portal under the “competitions” tab.

The annual Club Tournament is the wrap-up event for each season. There are Ladies’ and Men’s singles and doubles events, as well as Mixed doubles. Junior players are welcome to enter, and may have their own divisions. If enough players enter, the draw is split so that better players (i.e. better than 3.5 on the NTRP rating scale play in one division, and players who play at 3.5 or below compete in another. The 2019 club tournament will be held August 13-18. (Our club BBQ will be held on August 25, 2019.)